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SAHADAPUR SANTI JUBAK SANGHA popularly known as Snanti Jubak Sangha started in 1960 in Sahadapur village of Sadar Block, Kendujhar District  with leadership of Chaturbhuja Mahanta, a School Teacher, Shree Mahanta took up some welfare activities in the Sahadapur village, like village library cleaning and construction of road, maintain proudha sikhya, vegetable garden on their own motivating community contribution. Slowly other youth of the village joined in it to contribute for such social development activities. Within four years this small village organisation got good popularity among the villagers, and slowly. People support and participation increased. In carry out above mention development activities to continue these voluntary development efforts of the organisation.

This was resulted in to a massive support from the public as well as Government to so far other development activities too. This was promoted the organizers to register the society in 1968 to give a legal identity with the Registered Number – 5380/54 of 1968-69 IGR, Cuttack.

After registration the organisation was involved by the Govt. Machinery to farm village managing committee peace committee in this village to settle village dispute. Also thing started receiving Govt. support for running Adult Education Programme and Nutrition Programme our children during 1972 to 1978.

    During 1980 to 1990 this Jubak Sangha active in N.L.M. Project, Adult Woment Vocation Training (Tailoring) with cooperation of Nehru Yubak Kendra, Kendujhar and take of Nursery and plantation programme with cooperation of Department of social forestry etc. Since 1991 with the aim of improving the socio-economic situation Shanti Jubak Sangha has taken an integrated and innovative development approach to solve the problems of economic backwardness and health hazards, it try to foster among the people self confidence, cooperation and self reliable through education and people organisation the main activities including Non-formal Education, Adult Women Education, Women Organisation Community Health and Motivation for improved agriculture. Presently the organisation is working with the people organisation as right base approach on NREGA, Land rights campaign, PRI, Education, R&R, etc.
Sahadapur Shanti Jubak Sanghais presently having the following legal status. The organisation is registered under :

  • Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.
  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976 under the Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India.
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