The Mission of the organisation is set with the following specific objectives.

  • To supplement the efforts of the Government and other National and international development agencies in different people’s development programmes.
  • To improve the standard of living and quality of lives of the neglected, downtrodden, indigenous, people of the society.
  • To undertake need based programmes / projects towards participatory and sustainable development, focusing on the vulnerable cross-sections of the rural and indigenous community.
  • To motivate and organise the people to bring about transformations in the quality of rural life.
  • To undertake and assist agriculture development and in particular improvement of irrigation facilities.
  • To implement various projects and programmes for the rural poor as well as provide concrete relief measures to widows, divorced, deserted, separated and destitute unwed mothers and empower them to achieve their rights.
  • To execute programmes on water resource development, watershed conservation and harvesting structures, joint forest management, formation and promotion of self help groups, water land development, avenue and backyard plantation and renovation of developed forest, etc.
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